“If you’re in Goodyear and you don’t visit ground control you’re missing our. Furthermore, I’ll send major Tom after you and you’ll not like that lol. In reality a USAF guy with a heart of gold. Always makes you feel welcome, always a great night.”— Jason Farmer

“Can’t recommend this place enough. Great wine, great beer, great food, great service. Just a fantastic job all around. It takes a lot to impress me, and this place did it. Will be back so many times.” — Todd W. Smith

“I am so glad I found you, Ground Control. Best French Dip, ever. Love the feeling of total relaxation I have at this place. Thanks so much.”— Valerie Ann

“Hi– Yesterday, I had pizza at the nationally renowned Pizzeria Bianco in downtown Phoenix.  The pizza at Ground Control would win hands down in a contest.  We’re lucky to have you in our community.” — Vicki Norrie
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