What do you do when you lived in Europe and loved it, then moved to Goodyear, AZ and ended up spending date night at Barnes and Noble? You bring Europe to Goodyear! Ground Control is founded upon passion for fine wine, great coffee, delicious food and world class beers.  We have been fortunate enough to travel to a lot of great places and our goal is to bring some of those things to you.


The last 7 years have been an incredibly rewarding challenge! What a fun business to own. We have been so fortunate to have the best customers in the world! So many of you are like family to us.  We call it community-centric. A place to get out and meet people, make friends and feel at home.

We love what we do! Sean flies by day and tends bar by night. Tara prefers to work with food and take care of operational issues. It is a continually evolving business that changes and grows as we adapt to our customers want and needs. We have come a long way since we opened our doors and promise to continue working hard to keep our products fresh and new.