We roast our own coffee and only purchase the finest beans from all over the world. Ask the barista for our current offerings. Coffee is also available by the pound.

FRENCH PRESS COFFEE Roasted & ground on site & made fresh

ESPRESSO Our signature blend pulled to perfection by our expert barista

AMERICANO Espresso with water

CAPPUCCINO Espresso with foamed milk

LATTE Espresso with steamed milk

MOCHA Espresso with steamed milk & chocolate sauce



CAFÉ SISU White & dark chocolate

CAFÉ VIENNA Cinnamon & honey

CAFÉ ROMA Dark chocolate, caramel & praline

CAFÉ CUBANO Sweetened condensed milk & raw sugar

CAFÉ SANTORINI Dark chocolate & hazelnut

MILCH KAFFE Brewed coffee with steamed milk

LOOSE LEAF TEA 20+ teas to choose from – browse up front

CHAI LATTE Spiced black tea with steamed milk

HOT CHOCOLATE Steamed milk with our gourmet chocolate sauce

ICED TEA Cold brewed, award-winning blend–not bitter, just perfect

ICED COFFEE Cold processed coffee served over ice – delicious

ICED MOCHA Espresso & dark chocolate sauce mixed with milk & iced

BLENDED FRUIT BLASTS Mango, Strawberry, Peach, Banana, Wildberry

BLENDED COFFEE DRINKS Mocha Blast, Latte Blast, Extreme Coffee Toffee, Vanilla Latte

MONTHLY BARISTA SPECIALS Currently German Chocolate Cake Latte



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